5 Secrets for unleashing your ability to Innovate and Disrupt your market

The business world is full of RED oceans with fierce competition,

The product teams and innovation groups in companies are all struggling to create better products

Products that will separate them from the competition,

that will deliver exceptional value to their customers

Crafting user experiences that will delight and WOW,

Finding better ways to On-board the users to discover new value.


They are required to unleash the next discontinued innovation,

to discover the next disrupting business model.


and unlike before – single success is not enough,

they need to do it over and over,

repeatedly succeeding not only matching the competition

but become better than everybody else.


and this is VERY HARD !!!


So…How can we train ourselves to be more creative ?

How can we improve our ability to systematically find great solution to the problems we face ?


It turns out, that  creativity is something you can develop !

In this article, I am revealing 5 techniques/Insights

that can dramatically help you to win the market


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Here is the detail description of them and how to effectively use them:

#1 Everyone can be creative !

curious innovation

Creativity <> Artistry

There is a confusion between artistry and creativity.

Many times when people feel that they are not creative it is because they confused creativity with artistry.

Artistry is significant artistic skill of people with extraordinary imagination combined with technical skill that create things intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power and yes…not anyone can be an artist.

Creativity on the other hand,

is one step in the innovation process.

When you have a defined problem/opportunity, creativity is the act of finding a solution

#2 – Go to extreme & Pull back

Ideas/Solutions that are extremely Novel are usually also Absurd and unrealistic…

On the other hand, the ones that are more ordinary – are much more relevant but are just about better/faster/cheaper and as we agreed in the beginning – it is not enough…


innovation and disruption


So…What is the right way to go about ?

In most cases, people start with the more ordinary ideas and then start to push for more radical ones ( #1 on the graph ) – this strategy takes a lot of time and isn’t very efficient.

as it turns out,

a much more effective and fast way is to break the process into 2 phases:

  1. Go to extreme – suggest clearly UNREALISTIC/ABSURD/CRAZY ideas…
  2. than…Pull back…and make them a bit more realistic…trying to make them feasible and relevant


Albert Einstein is famous for stating that:

If At First the Idea Is Not Absurd, Then There Is No Hope for It - Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

Recent studies suggest that he was right ( again ),

when people utilize this strategy (#2) they manage to reach the “Great ideas zone” in a very fast pace.

#3 Play to enhance your creativity

key for creativity

Creativity needs a safe environment!

where you can fail and nothing happens,

making the consequences to be marginal and the perfect way to train in this is to play.

It is often spoken about the importance of trying and failing But for human beings it is SO HARD to fail !


we believe it’s serious,

We fear others will look down on us and reject us,

We believe that if we fail we are not good.


By playing we are trained to take risks and experience failure, and we see that it’s not so intimidating like we feared.


Improvisation – Is another great type of playing,

enjoy sessions of improvisations – with other people to brainstorm on things or with yourself, you’ll be amazed from the impact it will have on you.

In order for this to be effective choose a problem that closely resembles the real problem and before starting, Decide what kind of thinking you need to train :

  • Divergent thinking – to come up with as many ideas as possible
  • Convergent thinking – meant to result in a single solution ( the candle challenge )

#4 Develop your awareness

innovation awareness

The more we repeat doing things we become less aware and doing them by “Autopilot”,

strangely it is also occurring in the things we specialize,

in the areas we are considered to be experts,

we have no choice – there is so much information around us that we must assume that some things never change.


It is one of the reasons for leading players in the market to loose their business – they simply lost their awareness,

didn’t see the market trend, the new emerging technology, the growing pain of their customers.


When you are engaged in finding a solution to a problem,

remove all your assumptions, limitations, routines – be fully aware.

Wake up & Be awesome.

#5 Manage your creative energy wisely

To find creative solution we need “Creativity energy”

Each one is “energized” differently, Some go to nature, some needs social interaction, some watch their customers and some just read posts on linkedin 🙂  When we are in the process to find a creative solution we are using the energy we accumulated. Finding / refining / adjusting creative solutions take a lot of energy ( and time )

So in order to manage your “creativity energy” consider:

  • On one hand – Form a habit of “re-charging” in the way that is best for you
  • And on the other hand – Focus on what really matters – Choose carefully the problems you are trying to solve !



Whenever I am helping innovation groups in companies

this are the first 5 principals I talk about,

Before going deeply into detail techniques and methodologies


I hope you found them valuable for your on-going journey to innovate and disrupt your market

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