How to drive 84% more successful installs using CRO

A very detailed explanation on the exact changes I’ve made to the Successful installs funnel and WHY they worked.

The results
  • Uplift of 84% in the conversion rate of the Successful installs.
  • Uplift of 37% in the amount of customers who chose the paid version ( this had an unbelievable impact on the profit bottom line )
  • The client got so much value that we’ve created a follow up projects for all of his brands – they were very quick and showed a very similar uplift at a 99% confidence  level

In this project, the improvement was the accumulated result of many “little” things as i’ll describe in great detail.

sounds interesting? you’re invited to continue reading for detailed review of how this uplift was created in a minimum effort.

Some Background

The client is a market leader and was very happy with the performance of his product, In the last years it generated a big share of his total profit.

When I’ve analyzed the acquisition funnel,

the complete funnel showing Successful installs place inside

The complete funnel

I’ve noticed that No one paid any attention to what is happening inside the install process,

everyone ASSUMED 2 things:

  1. That if people clicked to install there is no reason that they won’t complete the install.
  2. That the only goal of the install…is to install ( but this is a touch point with the customer and we have the potential to do many things during that time, including influencing customer decisions…such as going for the freemium or premium version )
Initial analysis

We started by measuring how many people began the installation process and how many successfully completed it.

I can’t share the numbers here, but there was a very big gap – meaning…

Big opportunity for us to improve the Successful installs funnel.

Preparation & Planning

We decided to do a complete redesign of the Successful installs funnel user experience, using a new UI built with Html and created an easy option for A/B testing.

this new UI activated the old installer in the background, so the effort was minimal and the potential of risk was minimized.

We decided on 2 goals for improvement:

  1. Improve the conversion of the install process
  2. improve the ratio of customers who choose the paid version ( over the freemium)

I’ve done a quick JTBD analysis to capture how is the installation process from the customer POV to determine what changes has the biggest potential for improvement.

and we established a framework of A/B testing to scientifically validate the results.

The final improved Successful installs funnel

Analysis determined that the optimal flow will be divided into 3 parts:

Successful installs final optimized funnel

Successful installs funnel

the project wasn’t an improvement of a single page but an improvement of a funnel, here is a review of each step in the funnel with detailed explanation

STEP #1 – choose language  and accept terms & conditions.

this is the 1st screen

let’s review what makes it so successful:

#1 Optimized flow

One of the greatest frictions is the t&c, so we designed the flow of the visitor to match the natural flow (left down) –  to start at the brand logo ( blurred here ) and then go down and to the right, going via the places we want him to go, so he can pick up the messages on the way

#2 Reducing customer anxiety

effectively reduce the customer anxiety with 3 icons

In order to effectively reduce the customer anxiety we used a block with 3 icons, addressing the top 3 anxiety factors

one of them was a HIDDEN ASSET – the fact that the brand exists 12 years already ( in a world where brands disappear in less then a year ).

those 3 icons & texts were one of the factors we tested in the A/B tests.

#3 making some things hard to do

showing the t&c is a legal requirement ( the only reason he is there)

the contrast between the font and the background is low on purpose users don’t like to read long t&c, especially when they are hard to read 🙂

in additional the t&c is “boxed” in a relatively small height – this serves a few goals: it makes it seems less important, it makes the entire page seems more simple and it requires an extra effort from the user to read ( need to scroll…focus…scroll)

and in this point we don’t want the customer to worry about legal stuff ( that very rarely happens)…

we want him to be happy and excited…and focus on the benefits he will get from the product.

#4 Pushing to make the action

each of the texts on the left is helping the conversion:

  • “Ready for action” – One of the primary needs of the customers for getting the product is to get excitement so we address this need here.
  • “Best 400+” – this is another advantage of this brand that we are using – a very big archive of games.
  • “now” – this is important !

the green arrow is also contributing for the conversion – guiding the prospect and allowing him to go through the entire process without the need to think.

Accept & install – using the button instead of the usual checkbox is also reducing the effort from the customer.



STEP #2 –  installing the product
Successful installs funnel - step 2

Step 1 of the Successful installs funnel

In this screen the following changes gave the biggest impact:

#1 inserting the value of playing with real money

#2 Progress bar & time count

Inserting the progress bar and the time count helped in 2 ways :

  1. The customer get a feeling of control & autonomy, one of the basic needs of any human being, espicially when doing something new.
  2. we are changing the perceived time – just giving the user something to look at…help him pass the time

#3 the most important change!

using a message in the perfect time to improve conversion

Timing is everything

we did a data analysis and discovered that at a certain time from the beginning of the installation many customers quit the installer, to resolve this, we added this message, that appears just 2 sec before the time that we found and were able to reduce dramatically the amount of people who quit during that stage.

STEP #3 – Congratulation
Successful installs funnel - step 3

Step 1 of the Successful installs funnel

In this screen the following changes gave the biggest impact:

#1 inserting the value of playing with real money

Again – we repeat the message – that maximum value is created only when playing with real money.

We also use words that are non-direct, describing the actions to follow: “sign up, get your bonus,..” – but this is the sequence for opening a real money account.

We emphasize all the time the chance to win big ( “and more”, “make it happen” )

#2 we give tips 🙂

Located just before the button, a last reminder to go for the real money account

this time it’s displayed as a “tip” – something people usually get from a friend or someone else they trust.

#3 we want him to come back and play as much as possible

This is actually a 3rd goal, after the customer completes the installation and play, we want to make it as easy as possible for him to come back and use the product.

This stage is optimal, because the prospect is most excited, so we offer him to create a short cut for the app.

the option is marked as a default ! and most customers usually accepts defaults and will not invest effort in removing something


I hope you’ve gained valuable insights from this in-depth case study on Successful installs funnel optimization.

you’re most welcome to leave a comment or Learn more about how I can get results for your business