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Hi, It’s great to e-meet you,

My name is Alon shem tov and in the the last 18 years I’m on a mission to help companies turn their visitors into fanatic loyal customers by Optimizing their websites, Mobile apps and funnels

I personally invite you to contact me so I can help you overcome any product related challenge.

Important facts


I'm focused on getting meaningful results that will make a difference.

Exceed expectations

I love sharing the vast knowledge, methodologies and experience I've learned in the last 18 years, so you and your team get a professional boost.


I love the challenge of connecting the dots, Analytics to see HOW users behave, User feedbacks to understand WHY they behave like this, Technology + UX+UI+Human psychology to CREATE the perfect solution for what they need, split testing to VERIFY we are on the right way to our north star.


I’m using systematically & structured methodologies that has been proven to work by the most succesful companies in the world, such as: JTBD, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Persuasion design patterns, Game-thinking, split testing, Emotional triggering and more

What I believe

  • ALL the required knowledge exists in the internet, the challenge is what & How to use to get the best results for a specific challenge.
  • To get great results repeatedly, knowledge is not enough, you need experience.
  • There are too many people who thinks they are experts. Becoming a True expert takes time, he is always pushing himself to find a better way, to learn new things, committed to excel in delivering results.
  • People will only buy products that gives them superpowers to accomplish a certain something they desire. The things people desire exist in 3 dimensions: Functional, Emotional, Social.
  • When websites/mobile apps are optimized, people get much more value. When Acquisition funnels are optimized, much more people can enjoy that value.



Here’s what people say about me…

  • Shlomi barak - CEO -

    Shlomi barak - CEO -

    “Alon had a subtential impact on xwise ability to create numerous websites & mobile apps that achieved excellent business results. Alon’s expertise in product strategy, User experience and Conversion Rate Optimization was one of the main “engines” to achieve those results. To maintain his expertise he is always learning the most innovative stuff and analyzing relevant case studies. He is one of the most effective & efficient people I worked with and i’m sure any company who use his services will benefit.”
  • Hadas Sheinfeld, Product, Growth at Google

    Hadas Sheinfeld, Product, Growth at Google

    “I worked with Alon on a very complex project, which required him to manage a product which was developed with three different companies, including his own development team. His work was professional and accurate. He managed to achieve a lot in a short period of time, tying together all the different elements of the project. He is very personable, easy to work with, and always puts in a 100% effort. We would be very happy to work with him again.”
  • Shay Dadosh, Product Innovation Manager at

    Shay Dadosh, Product Innovation Manager at

    “I’ve worked with many people, and for sure Alon is one of the best. It’s hard to find people that really know how to make things done and running, and in my opinion this is the most characteristic of Alon, together with full understanding of the business/product/project and the full picture in general. And the most important, it’s fun to work with him !”
  • Eliran Drucker, Senior Solution Consultant at Google

    Eliran Drucker, Senior Solution Consultant at Google

    “Alon has an innovative mind along with positive thinking. He had a significant part in accomplishing complicated tasks in various projects.”

I appreciate how challenging it can be to hire consultation services…

Here’s how I’ve made it easy and risk free

  1.  Contact me > letting me know what you want to achieveYou’ll see a brief series of simple questions you’ll need to answer about your business. I just need the basics.

    That way I can understand your situation before and give you value from the 1st minute we talk. Answer these questions as accurately as possible, and be absolutely sure your contact information is correct so I can reach you.

  2. I will contact you to schedule a FREE meeting to discuss how I’ll help you grow your business. 

  3. During the meeting we’ll discuss about the unique challenges of your company, I’ll try to enlight your path by giving you valueable insghits and determine the best way forward

success is simple, do what’s right, the right way, at the right time


Arnold H. Glasow